Flat Creek Estate Star Gazing

Star Gazing with Eddie The Star Guide

Star Gazing After-Hours Party

Saturday, March 25 at 8pm - 10pm

Make Your Dinner Reservations Today

Make a reservation to dine at the Bistro and after dinner, you’re invited to stay for an exclusive star party!

Our Star Gazing expert Eddie is a true story teller. You’ll not only view the stars and solar system through his high-powered telescope but, you’ll also hear tales of gods and godesses and all the myths surrounding our planet.

The Flat Creek Vineyard is closed to the public at 5pm each evening. Dinner reservations at The Bistro are required to attend the exclusive Star Gazing event.

6901 Singleton Bend Rd.

Marble Falls, Tx. 

Call for details:  512-267-6310  



From 3/25/2017
To 3/25/2017
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Marble Falls
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